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WordPress makes it so easy to import and export content. You can clone site settings and move your content from one site to another easily. But what if you want to keep your old widget settings on a new site? These 2 plugins let you import and export WordPress widget settings:

widget importer

Widget Importer & Exporter: a handy tool for moving widgets form one site to another. Lets you backup widgets, import widget settings, and create export files. [click to continue…]


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Many of us are used to left-to-right (LTR) languages. WordPress is more than capable of handling both LTR and RTL content though. You can find out more information about RTL language support on WordPress. Those of you who are building a website in Arabic should give these plugins a look:


WP Arabic Virtual Keyboard: this plugin is designed to make it easy to type in Arabic without a 3rd-party software. [click to continue…]


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Most WordPress users know how to schedule their posts for a future date. But what if you need to change the status of a post after a certain date? You can do so manually or rely on these 3 post status schedulers to get he job done:


Post Status Scheduler: lets you schedule post status changes or category addition/removal at a certain date. [click to continue…]


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Running a successful e-commerce business is not easy. It requires a lot of time and effort to get ahead in highly competitive markets. Most businesses don’t have proper resources to compete with the top dogs in their market. Nevertheless, there are simple tactics you can use to keep people coming back to your site for more. Testing dynamic pricing for your products is one way to approach that. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts happens to be a handy plugin that lets you better manage pricing rules and cart discounts.

dynamic s

[click to continue…]


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Equestrian associations, breeding businesses, and other horse related organizations need to have an online presence these days. Not all these businesses can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a custom design. These 5 horse themes for WordPress can help them build their online presence faster:

equ smush

Equestrian: this horse theme has a responsive and retina ready design. It comes integrated with WooCommerce. You get 7 page templates, a decent theme options panel, and more. [click to continue…]


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Magento is a powerful solution for e-commerce sites. Unlike WooCommerce, it is not a WordPress-based solution, which means you will have to learn a new CMS to run your website. It is still based on PHP and MySQL though. Whether you want to integrate Magento with WordPress or migrate it to WooCommerce, these 4 plugins have something to offer you:


Magento: lets you integrate Magento content into your WordPress site. It has a shortcode and a widget. [click to continue…]


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You don’t need to learn a new content management system to put together your own educational website. There are many WordPress plugins (e.g. Sensei) designed to handle the job. You are going to need a decent theme to impress your visitors and make your business look credible. WPLMS for WordPress happens to be a professional theme that lets you create courses, manage your content, create quizzes, and help your instructors and their students better connect. WPLMS offers WooCommerce integration.


The WPLMS theme has a lot going for it. For starters, it helps you sell courses that you have created. You can also upload badges and certificates, attach audio, evaluable courses, and keep track of your course and student stats. The theme is WooCommerce and BuddyPress friendly. Teachers can create quizzes, keep track of the progress students are making, and time their exams. Want to offer private course groups and forums? No problem. [click to continue…]