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There are many good reasons to want to add Amazon products to your website. For starters, Amazon has a very lucrative affiliate program you can use to earn money for your website. Let’s not forget the company offers superb deals and great customer service, so even if you are not an affiliate, linking to Amazon is a pretty safe practice. Adding Amazon links to websites may be easy but these plugins make it even easier:


Amazon JS: displays Amazon products on your WordPress posts and pages. Makes it easier to search Amazon products by keyword, ASIN, or URL. [click to continue…]


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Making money for yourself is great. But that does not mean you should forget about other important causes. Many in the WordPress community contribute to various charity organizations and support noble causes. You can always start your own charity to raise funds for causes that are important to you. Charity for WordPress is just the theme for the job. It is a good looking WordPress theme to raise donations.

donate [click to continue…]


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WPtouch happens to be one of the best mobile plugins for WordPress. It can make your website mobile friendly in a flash. The free version offers lot of features. But there are many compelling reasons to switch to the pro version. We have not had a whole lot of trouble with WPtouch themes in the past. They are easy to customize and fairly fast. Plugin incompatibility issues can usually be addressed without too much trouble. Even though Wptouch is very fast, you should still take time to try and make it perform in a more responsive fashion on mobile sites. Infinity Cache can help.

wptouch [click to continue…]


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As a webmaster, you should do your very best to offer your readers great content at all times. That alone is not going to guarantee that people will find your best content. You should promote your work aggressively on your website. One way to do that is by showing related or recent posts in a flyout box when your visitors reach a certain point on each page (similar to something the NYTimes used to do). These 5 plugins allow you to promote your content more effectively and get more of your visitors familiar with your past work:


nrelate Flyout: one of the plugins we have been using to promote our own content. Displays related content on your pages in a flyout box to reduce your bounce rate. [click to continue…]


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Online directories used to be a whole lot more popular a few years ago. Many of them have come and gone. Some of them were badly hit with Google penalties and had to change their ways. You can still have success with a niche directory site as long as you play your cards right. YellowPages for WordPress happens to be a professional theme designed specifically for online directories. It has a responsive homepage and can be easily customized from the back-end.

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You don’t need me to tell you how powerful WooCommerce is. It has everything you would need to start an online shop and sell products. The plugin is already very powerful, but you can further extend its capabilities with the right extensions. These 15 plugins help you handle payment issues on your website:


Bitcoin Payments for WooCommerce: want to accept Bitcoin payments on your website? This plugin is one of many extensions for the job. You can accept Bitcoin payments for physical and digital downloadable products. [click to continue…]


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Navigating your way through WordPress features and your posts is not hard. You need a decent mouse for that. Some folks might prefer using keyboard shortcuts to use WordPress. These 3 plugins enable you to add keyboard shortcuts to your website:


WP Keyboard Navigation
: lets you add keyboard shortcuts, so your visitors can go to the next/previous page, a random post, and do more. [click to continue…]