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In order to become a great web developer, you need to know various technologies. WordPress developers need to know their HTML, CSS, and PHP. But that’s not all. Learning jQuery is also important if you want make your work more dynamic. There are many books and video sites covering this topic. These 10 interactive sites can also help you learn jQuery:

jquery covers various technologies, including the ones web designers and developers need to master. They have multiple courses on JavaScript and jQuery to help you get started. [click to continue…]


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Plenty of folks are passionate about everything food. Not everyone of them has started a website about recipes and food tips. If you have, you probably want an easy way to add new recipes to your website. Recipe Hero is one of many plugins you can install to help you out. It is responsive and lets you add recipe details, ingredients, and instructions to your website. Recipe Hero is easy to customize too. [click to continue…]


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Themeforest is a pretty decent marketplace to visit when you need a new theme or just looking for some inspiration. There are plenty of amazing authors active on that site. Here are just a few of them whose work we have used in the past:


Industrial Themes: these guys make some of the most sophisticated magazine themes around. Their products are tailored for established portals.  [click to continue…]


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Micro job sites have been around for quite some time now. Many small businesses use them to hire talent for small tasks. Freelancers also use these sites to make more money on the side whey don’t have more solid leads. Not satisfied with the micro job sites available? You can always create your own. Taskerr is a professional theme that connects job hunters with people who need things done for them. In other words, it lets you create a site similar to Fiverr or TaskRabbit.

taslerr [click to continue…]


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There are plenty of ways for WordPress webmasters to stay in touch with their readers. Investing in a decent newsletter service is certainly not a bad idea. You could also encourage your visitors to follow your RSS feed. But have you ever wanted to be able to send your visitors a SMS message for an important update? SMSify is one plugin that promises to handle that. It enables you to send and receive SMS messages on your WordPress site.

sms pro [click to continue…]


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Are you passionate about books? You could always start a blog sharing your thoughts and findings with the world. You might even make a bit of money from your efforts if you add affiliate links for books to your site. Adding book data to your site manually is not the best way to use your time though. Here are 6 plugins you can use to enhance your book review site and put together your reviews faster:


Book Review: adds title, author, cover photo, purchase link, and other useful information to your book reviews. The plugin retrieves details about books from Google Books. [click to continue…]


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WordPress is a wonderful content management system that can handle all kinds of websites. It is not a surprise that many blogs and magazine sites are powered by WordPress. If you want to seriously pursue building your own magazine, you should consider investing in a custom theme for your site. Don’t have money to start? Purchasing a premium theme like Margot and modifying it yourself is not a bad idea. This is an elegant, responsive theme built with Bootstrap 3.2.

margot [click to continue…]