August 1st in Wordpress Plugins by .

WooCommerce is a wonderful plugin that turns your WordPress website into an online shop. Many folks are taking advantage of this solution to sell their own products online. You can always buy a premium WooCommerce theme to make your website look good. There are also plugins you can download to reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate. Shop Assistant for WooCommerce happens to be an interesting plugin that aims to help your visitors find what they are looking for on your site faster.

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July 31st in Hack Prevention, Wordpress Plugins by .

Encrypting your messages and data is one way to keep sensitive information from ending up with strangers. We all store files on our sites and handle email messages. Not all of those are stored on your server securely. These 6 plugins allow you to encrypt your blog, messages, forms, and everything in between:

secure image

Secure Image Protection: lets you add encrypted images to pages and posts. Images are displayed in an applet that should work on most computers. You can set varying levels of protection per post. [click to continue…]


July 30th in WordPress Themes by .

Developing an iPhone, iPad, or Android application is time consuming as it is. You don’t want to spend the time you should be working on your app to create a website from scratch. You could always hire someone to build a great website for you or adopt a premium theme to save time and money. These 15 WordPress themes for app developers can help you promote your app more effectively:


OnePager: a multipurpose responsive one page theme for portfolio sites. You can customize the homepage easily. The theme is ready to be localized. [click to continue…]


July 29th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Most of us keep our WordPress password for a few months before changing it. But once in a while, you may need a temporary password to access your website from a public computer. Maybe you don’t want certain users to keep their passwords for more than a few days on your site. Whatever the case, these 3 plugins can handle temporary passwords on your website:

wordpress expiry

WordPress Password Expiry: expires password for the selected type of users after the specified number of days. This plugin might be helpful if you are too worried about your member accounts getting hacked. [click to continue…]


July 28th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Many folks are simply passionate about reading books on a daily basis. They aim to read as many books as humanly possible every year and even review them on their sites. Reviewing a book properly is hard as it is. You certainly do not want to spend a whole lot of time trying to manually grab images and other relevant data for each book that you cover. Not when you can use the OpenBook Book Data plugin to do the job for you.

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Google+ may not get as much love from the media as Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest. But it is more than capable of driving lots of traffic to your website. You just need to be active in the community and have a solid strategy to succeed. Participating in Google+ Hangouts, adding interactive posts to your site, and sharing your Google+ photos on your site are just a few ways to get your Google+ profile more attention. Whether you want to import G+ content into WordPress, add Google+ comments, or promote Hangouts, these 7 Google+ plugins have you covered:


Comments Evolved: adds multiple commenting systems to your website. It supports Facebook, WordPress, Disqus, and Google+ comments. [click to continue…]


July 26th in WordPress Themes by .

It is a no brainer that conferences need to have their own dedicated portals. You are going to have an easier time connecting with your audience and keep them interested in your current and future events when you have a conference website full of useful information and features. We have covered a few decent conference themes here in the past. Infine happens to be another elegant, responsive theme for conferences and events.

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