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Fundify is one of the best crowdfunding themes to build your own Kickstarter/Indiegogo-type site. The theme is already good looking and powerful. These 3 WordPress plugins enhance your Fundify-powered website:


Fundify Geolocated Campaigns: lets you show your Fundify campaigns on a map. Your users will be able to select their location when they submit their campaigns. [click to continue…]


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Developing an iPhone or Android application is not easy. You will need to know your Objective-C, JAVA, or other technologies to create a sophisticated app. You also need a great idea to succeed. Once you have your app, you need to promote it like a pro to generate more revenue for your business. Appdev happens to be an elegant theme that enables you to promote your mobile app like a pro.


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You shouldn’t publish a new post without previewing it first. At least, that’s how I catch most of my formatting and other mistakes. WordPress already gives you a simple way to preview your posts. These 5 preview plugins for WordPress can also make your life easier:


Inline Preview: adds a preview of the post you are writing next to the editor, so you don’t have to preview your post in a separate tab. [click to continue…]


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Most of us use a calendar or a to-do list tool to help us keep track of our events and appointments and get things done on time. There are plenty of apps and online tools you can use to manage your calendar on your own. But what if you want to share your information with your visitors? Spiffy Calendar can help. It is a fully featured calendar that displays your events and puts you in control of the process.  You can use this plugin to display today’s or upcoming events.

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Have you ever wanted to install multiple plugins in one shot? A multi-plugin installer can prove very helpful when you are planning to clone an existing site a number of times and don’t want to have to install its plugins one at a time. These 3 multi-plugin installers can save you time and make you more productive:

plugin profile

WP Install Profiles: a brilliant plugin that downloads custom collections of plugins automatically from the WordPress plugin directory. Just add the slug from each plugin’s URL from the WordPress plugin directory, and you are set. You can store your profiles online to import them easily. [click to continue…]


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It is not a secret that sites that have attractive visuals get more action on Pinterest, Google+, and other top social networks. You can always do the hard work and hope for your visitors to share your images to their favorite sites. A better approach would be to add Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest buttons to each and every image or just the ones you choose. WordPress Image Hover Showcase is an attractive plugin that takes care of that for you.

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Not all of us started our websites with WordPress. That does not mean you can’t migrate to WordPress from your current content management system. If you happen to be using Drupal, Joomla, or any other well-known CMS, chances are there are tools that can help make the migration-to-WordPress process easier for you. These CMS to WordPress migration plugins are just a few you should check out:


FG Joomla to WordPress: migrates sections, categories, posts, images, and tags from Joomla to WordPress. [click to continue…]