September 2nd in Social Media by .

Reddit is one of the most exciting social networks around. It has been around for years but is still going very strong. In fact, it can drive a ton of traffic to your site. More importantly, the site has plenty of interesting subreddits and awesome folks you can connect with to get more out of it. If your site gets a lot of action on Reddit, you should consider adding Reddit buttons to your site. Embedding Reddit posts and content into WordPress is not a bad idea either. Reddit Embed is just the plugin for the job. [click to continue…]


September 1st in Wordpress Plugins by .

Pinterest is a powerful community capable of driving a ton of traffic to your website. This is a visual site, so you need to have magnetic visual content to make progress on that site. Making your website Pinterest-friendly is also essential. Here are 8 WordPress plugins that could potentially increase your Pinterest traffic and site interaction level:

image hover

WordPress Image Hover Lite: adds social media buttons to your images, so your visitors can pin each and every one if they prefer. You get 8 social media sharing icons, and a TinyMCE toolbar icon to make the job easier. [click to continue…]


August 31st in WordPress Themes by .

Finding new leads can be challenging for some freelancers. There are many directories and job sites freelancers can check to find short-term jobs and long-term clients. Not satisfied with freelance marketplaces related to your industry? You could always build your own site. HireBee for WordPress is just the theme for the job. This modern theme lets employers and freelancers post their jobs and bid on jobs, respectively, while you make money on the side.

hirebee [click to continue…]


August 30th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Every coder understands the importance of debugging his/her code. Some of us are better at it than others. But you simply can’t ship bug-ridden code and expect your customers to be happy. There are many fun debugging codes, browser extensions, and scripts available on the market. These 6 debugging plugins can more than help you keep an eye on your code and its performance:


Debug Objects: provides you with query, cache, cron, hooks, and other useful information, so you can better optimize your code. [click to continue…]


August 29th in Wordpress Plugins by .

WordPress makes it so easy to import and export content. You can clone site settings and move your content from one site to another easily. But what if you want to keep your old widget settings on a new site? These 2 plugins let you import and export WordPress widget settings:

widget importer

Widget Importer & Exporter: a handy tool for moving widgets form one site to another. Lets you backup widgets, import widget settings, and create export files. [click to continue…]


August 28th in Wordpress Plugins, Wordpress Tips by .

Many of us are used to left-to-right (LTR) languages. WordPress is more than capable of handling both LTR and RTL content though. You can find out more information about RTL language support on WordPress. Those of you who are building a website in Arabic should give these plugins a look:


WP Arabic Virtual Keyboard: this plugin is designed to make it easy to type in Arabic without a 3rd-party software. [click to continue…]


August 27th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Most WordPress users know how to schedule their posts for a future date. But what if you need to change the status of a post after a certain date? You can do so manually or rely on these 3 post status schedulers to get he job done:


Post Status Scheduler: lets you schedule post status changes or category addition/removal at a certain date. [click to continue…]